The 2015 Toyota Sienna is expected to enter the automobile market in the first half of this year. Speculation is rife with as to how this car will look. The earlier models of the car despite the comfort factor could not be successful as expected. The design factor in the 2015 edition is expected to bring the vehicle more commercial success as well as a tough competition to competitors.

2015 Toyota Sienna front
Official source from Toyota stated that the 2015 Toyota Sienna will have brand new redesign both in interior and exterior. The hybrid concept that 2015 model will have clearly shows Toyota’s intention to make a big leap in this segment. Hybrid cars have best horsepower and introduction of hybrid concept into Toyota Sienna will increase the horsepower to 270 horsepower, which means a vehicle as large as Sienna can attain the maximum speed in 7/8 seconds. That sounds amazing! The vehicle will not change the braking mechanism it has on each wheel as it is the best braking system in contemporary automobile world. This amazing braking device with six speed automatic transmission system protects against power loss and save the electrical power type in batteries to be made use of in future.

2015 Toyota Sienna : New Look

The interior of previous Sienna has been a stumbling block for the automobile giant. We expect that 2015 will have a complete redesigned new interior.  Like previous models, Sienna too will carry eight passengers but will have more space for legs and head rooms. Many entrainment features like TV , Stereo, USB spot, dashboard, a navigation system, and seats with heating system. It seems Toyota has finally realized that only efficiency of a vehicle is not only criteria to succeed in automobile industry.

2015 Toyota Sienna interior 2
The exterior will also undergo changed. Attention has been paid to make it look more attractive. The vehicle will be hosted on the platform of Toyota Camry. It will have redesigned grill and the bumpers at both and rear will be updated. For sake of its love with efficiency and performance, Toyota is further planning to reduce the weight of the vehicle and add more flexibility to tire movement.

2015 Toyota Sienna exterior
Certainly 2015 Toyota Sienna has all the features that Toyota Sienna fans were waiting for. With improved look the vehicle is expected to give strong competition to Honda Odessy and NissanQuest.

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  • cristalholy says:

    1. Reclining Front seats as well as second row.
    2. Fold down tables from doors/ & or back of Front seats for usage & when not in use have it bee a cleanable matt finish for feet/boots/shoes scuffing it from the reclined back seats.
    3. Strong stowage house/car vac. (nothing like a flimsy vac that will not pick up once extended from front to back.)
    4. New space design great depiction with white interior/wood trim in any color chosen for the outside of mini-van. Just do not lose cubic feet/inches on the inside though/either.
    5. split large screen for back rows is great also.
    I would be interested in knowing if you have electric 3rd row and if all stows in the floor or if you have to manually stow the seats. Also interested in outer electronics. Thank you.

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